School District Security Update

Superintendent Message
Posted on 11/26/2018

West Windsor – Plainsboro Regional School District Security Update 

Nov. 26, 2018 

Dr. David Aderhold, superintendent of schools 

As a school district, we are continually revising our safety and security procedures and practices in order to be up-to-date with best practices. In April 2018, an overview of security practices was provided to the school community. 

Please find the below which highlights the school district’s continuing efforts. 


The WW-P Board of Education has entered into a formal agreement with both the West Windsor Township Council and the Plainsboro Township Committee for the respective townships to provide Class III Police Officers for the school district. Class III Police Officers, also known as SLEO III (Special Law Enforcement Officer), are retired police officers hired specifically to work within our schools. Class III Police Officers have full powers and duties similar to those of permanent, regularly appointed full-time police officers. 

Since entering into a formal agreement, both townships have updated several ordinances, posted the positions and begun interviewing. Upon hiring, officers must undergo a physical and psychological assessment and receive a background check. Interviews are ongoing for both departments. 

The West Windsor Police Department has hired three officers that began the week of Nov. 26. Officers will spend two weeks undergoing a training process with representatives of the West Windsor Police Department. Two police officers have been hired for High School South and one police officer has been hired for Dutch Neck Elementary School. 


During the past five years, an outside company staffed our “Eyes on the Door” visitor management program. Beginning in September 2018, the Board of Education hired School Security Officers as district personnel. These staff members serve to ensure that the visitor management protocols are enforced and that our staff and students are safe. 


The school district has made upgrades to our visitor management process with the acquisition of Raptor Technologies. Raptor Technologies scans a driver’s license and runs a check across sex offender databases within all 50 states. Further, the system syncs with our student information database, Genesis, to ensure that legal alerts such as custody orders are properly enforced. 

In terms of the storage of data, according to Raptor Technologies’ FAQ, the following are stored: “The Raptor scanner collects the ID photo, name, date of birth, and the first four digits of the license number (the other digits are replaced with ***)…Only the minimum data needed to accurately identify an entrant is collected (i.e., no address information, no Social Security numbers, no physical characteristic data, etc.). No other data is collected from the ID and no photocopy of the ID is retained.” 


At the Nov. 20 Board of Education meeting, the school district entered a contract with School Messenger to provide a comprehensive communication tool. Through School Messenger, we will be able to send out automated/recorded phone messages, text messages and emails quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, School Messenger is a communication tool that integrates with Genesis and will pull student rosters, parent emails and parent cellphone numbers. It is important for parents to ensure that their contact information in Genesis is up-to-date and accurate as School Messenger will send messages to the accounts and phone numbers listed in Genesis. 


This summer the school district entered into a contract with UBHC (University Behavioral Health Center, Rutgers University) for two full-time employed mental health clinicians to be stationed at HSS and HSN. These mental health providers will serve to support staff, students and their families when students face mental health crises. 


With the passage of the Nov. 6, 2018, Facilities Referendum the district will build security vestibules at nine schools (Maurice Hawk is being built outside of the referendum); fire alarm upgrades at eight schools (HSN and GMS have had prior enhancements); and emergency generators at five facilities (HSS, GMS, CMS, Vil., and MR).


The district is currently installing an array of security measures including the installment of security cameras in common areas, hallways and at identified exterior locations. Furthermore, we will be increasing internal communications with the installment of classroom telephones. Additionally, there will be upgrades to door swipes and strobe lights. Over the next four-to-six months, we anticipate the full installation of these systems and enhancements.

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