Plainsboro Preserve

What a Field Trip!
Posted on 11/02/2017

Sometimes, it is just a field trip that makes all the difference. 

Grade 8 CMS student Pranav Anthapu was inspired by a field trip to the Plainsboro Preserve. It started when Pranav was at Plainsboro Preserve and working on a school project to identify a possible conservation program and propose a solution. All the CMS students came up with creative ideas, but the Preserve had no funds to utilize to implement any of these proposals. 

Pranav had an idea to raise funds: He decided to create a calendar to sell, and to donate the profits directly to the Plainsboro Preserve.  During his family travels, Pranav took pictures to use for his calendar, and found others on the internet to help illustrate his conservation message, using captions to encourage environmental protection.  He stated, “We are all part of the same community and should do what we can to save what we have left.” 

With help from an uncle in India, the calendars were printed and, to date, 150 of the 500 calendars have been sold, raising $300 in profits for the Plainsboro Preserve.  

Copies of the 2018 calendar now are available at the Preserve for $5.  The sale of each calendar not only helps the Preserve, but also encourages Pranav and his classmates to continue to be active environmental stewards. CMS Principal Dr. Shauna Carter stated, “This is so awesome and inspiring! Kudos to Pranav for taking this learning experience and making a difference in our community.”


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