Honors & Accelerated Math

6th Grade Honors and Accelerated Math Criteria Summary Sheet

The Honors and Accelerated (H&A) Mathematics Program begins in grade 6 for eligible students.  For students to be eligible for the H&A Mathematics Program, students need to meet the criteria in at least 2 of the following 3 categories.  The three categories include the assessments: Linkit! or NJSLA, CogAT, and MAP.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Linkit! OR NJSLA



LinkIt! Grade 5 Mathematics Assessment Form B: 90 or above

5th grade CogAT: Composite score of 125 or above

Fall 5th Grade Math MAP: 95th percentile or above




NJSLA Math Grade 5: 786 or above

5th grade CogAT: Quantitative score of 125 or above

Spring 5th Grade Math MAP: 95th percentile or above

If a student meets two of the criteria in any one category, this still only accounts for one of the two categories that must be achieved.  For example, if a student scores a 90 on the LinkIt! Grade 5 Mathematics Assessment and also scores a 786 or above on the NJSLA for Mathematics, this is considered meeting the criteria for category 1 only.  The student would need a qualifying score from Category 2 or Category 3 to be eligible for H&A Mathematics in grade 6.  


  • All assessment data will be in Genesis after the scoring is complete.  Parents have access to the assessment information. 

  • Eligibility letters will be sent to parents via Genesis after the completion of all testing. This will coincide with middle school registration.  Every student meeting the criteria will be eligible for the program.

  • Parents students who meet eligibility will notify the District of their enrollment decision in Genesis.  Please refer to the eligibility letter for dates for deadlines.

  • Subsequent review timing for students not meeting the initial criteria will happen over the summer. 

o   5th grade Spring Math MAP score review: the end of June

o   5th grade Math NJSLA score review: in August

7th Grade Honors and Accelerated Math Criteria Summary

  • Students enrolled in Math 6 who score 97% or above on the MAP Winter administration will be eligible for Algebra I H&A in 7th grade

  • Parents will be notified in mid-February and math support for acceleration will be provided to eligible students for the remainder of the sixth grade school year.

Questions regarding the H&A Mathematics Program should be directed via email to Mrs. Andrea Bean, Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades 6-12, at [email protected]

Click here to read the Accelerated and Enriched Mathematics resolution that was approved by the WW-P Board of Education in Dec. 2015. 

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